Apr 2019- Mar 2020

Discount will apply for only one room for two persons, one night staying.
At domestic hotels, room rate is exclude breakfast, icludes service charge and taxes except some hotels .
At overseas hotels, room rate is exclude breakfast, service charge and taxes except some hotels.

Okura Hotels & Resorts

Applicable Room Type Discounted Rate
Hotel Okura Sapporo Executive Spacious ¥26,620
Suite ¥60,500
Okura Frontier Hotel Tsukuba Deluxe Twin (Epochal) ¥13,310
Suite (Epochal) ¥36,300
Executive Suite (Epochal) ¥60,500
Deluxe Twin (Main building) ¥13,310
Juinior Corner Suite (Main building) from ¥30,250 to ¥39,325
Suite (Main building) ¥48,400
Executive Suite (Main building) ¥72,600
Okura Chiba Hotel Superior ¥11,286
Deluxe ¥11,880
The Okura Tokyo The Okura Prestige Tower Club Suite ¥133,100
Hotel Okura Tokyo South Wing Junior Suite from ¥54,450
Suite from ¥75,625
Hotel Okura Tokyo Bay Deluxe ¥30,250
Junior Suite ¥39,325
Deluxe Junior Suite ¥42,350
Japanese Room Suite ¥48,400
Senior Suite ¥48,400
Executive Suite ¥54,450
Okura Akademia Park Hotel Deluxe Twin ¥18,150
Suite ¥42,350
Hotel East 21 Tokyo Deluxe ¥21,780
Suite ¥33,880
Forest Inn Showakan Corner Twin ¥22,990
Flooring Suite ¥36,300
Hotel Okura Niigata Deluxe Twin ¥19,008
Suite ¥44,550
Hotel Kajima no Mori *1 Deluxe Twin (2nd floor ) ¥16,750
Suite ¥27,000
Okura Act City Hotel Hamamatsu Deluxe Twin ¥23,595
Suite ¥42,350
Kyoto Hotel Okura Deluxe from ¥33,880
Suite from ¥72,600
Premium Twin

*Karasuma Kyoto Hotel

Deluxe Twin

*Karasuma Kyoto Hotel

Hotel Okura Kobe Main Foor Deluxe ¥19,360
Precious Floor Deluxe ¥25,410
Authentic Floor Deluxe ¥25,410
Superior Floor Deluxe ¥27,225
Suite ¥48,400
Hotel Okura Fukuoka Deluxe Double ¥41,140
Deluxe Twin ¥41,140
Japanese Room1 ¥45,375
Japanese Room2 ¥48,400
Harbor View Suite ¥60,500
Corner Suite ¥90,750
Hotel Okura JR Huis Ten Bosch Superior Park View Twin from ¥26,165
Junior Suite from ¥40,685
SHIROYAMA HOTEL kagoshima Executive Twin from ¥29,450 to ¥31,650
Junior Suite from ¥49,800 to ¥60,800
Royal Suite ¥137,800
The Okura Prestige Taipei Executive (without balcony) NTD10,500
Okura Prestige NTD8,000
Prestige NTD7,500
Junior Suite NTD17,500
The Okura Prestige Bangkok Deluxe Corner THB9,000
Okura Club THB10,000
Premier Club THB11,500
Prestige Club THB13,500
Deluxe Suite THB15,500
Prestige Suite THB17,500
Okura Garden Hotel Shanghai Executive Double(City View) CNY1,700
Junior Suite CNY2,500
Deluxe Suite CNY3,000
Hotel Okura Macau Deluxe HKD3,400
Okura Deluxe HKD3,900
Junior Suite HKD5,400
Superior Suite HKD6,400
Premier Suite HKD8,400
Royal Suite HKD9,400
Imperial Suite HKD15.000
The Shilla Seoul Executive Grand Deluxe KRW400,000
Superior Suite KRW650,000
Corner Suite KRW750,000
Premier Suite KRW1,250,000
The Shilla Jeju Corner Suite KRW500,000
Royal Suite KRW2,500,000
The Kahala Hotel & Resort Ocean View USD483
Ocean View Lanai USD558
Ocean Front USD620
Ocean Front Lanai USD683
Beach Front Lanai USD770
Scenic Ocean View Suite USD1,070
Hotel Okura Amsterdam Executive Corner EUR525
Royal Suite EUR947.5
Presidental EUR1,900

*1) Applicable from April to June, from October to March (except a day before holiday, Golden week, the year-end and new year holidays and closed period, from early January to mid-March)

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Nikko Hotels International

Applicable Room Type Discounted Rate
JR Tower Hotel Nikko Sapporo Corner Suite ¥75,000
Hotel Nikko Northland Obihiro Junior Suite ¥40,000
Suite ¥80,000
Hotel Nikko Narita Junior Suite ¥30,000
Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba Regular Floor Deluxe
(the view not be specified)
Regular Floor Deluxe Twin
(Rainbow Bridge View)
Bay View Floor Deluxe Twin
(Airport View)
Executive Floor Deluxe Twin
(Airport View)
Regular Floor Corner Suite
(Twin / Double / Rainbow Bridge View)
Executive Floor Deluxe Suite
(Twin / Double / Rainbow Bridge View)
Hotel Nikko Tachikawa Tokyo Deluxe ¥21,174
Suite ¥33,274
Kawasaki Nikko Hotel Deluxe Twin ¥20,000
Premium Twin ¥26,000
Hotel Nikko Niigata Deluxe Twin ¥20,196
Corner Deluxe Twin ¥22,572
Luxury Twin ¥24,948
Junior Suite ¥29,700
Executive Suite ¥59,400
Hotel Nikko Kanazawa Stylish Deluxe ¥32,670
Luxe Deluxe ¥36,828
Suite ¥53,460
Hotel Nikko Princess Kyoto Executive Twin ¥25,410
Junior Suite ¥39,325
Suite ¥72,600
Hotel Nikko Osaka Superior Large ¥36,500
Nikko Premium ¥40,000
Nikko Junior Suite ¥75,000
Nikko Executive Suite ¥100,000
Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport First Class ¥45,000
Hotel Nikko Himeji Suite ¥75,000
Hotel Nikko Nara Deluxe Twin ¥27,500
Suite ¥62,500
Hotel Nikko Kochi Asahi Royal Deluxe Twin ¥19,008
Suite ¥59,400
Hotel Nikko Fukuoka Superior Suite ¥45,000
Double Suite ¥50,000
Luxury Suite ¥55,000
Garden View Suite ¥60,000
Hotel Nikko Huis Ten Bosch Park Side Twin ¥15,125
Junior Suite ¥36,300
Hotel Nikko Kumamoto Deluxe Twin ¥22,990
Class Comfort Deluxe Twin ¥26,015
Deluxe King ¥26,015
Executive Suite ¥43,560
Ambassador Suite ¥91,960
Presidential Suite ¥122,210
Hotel Nikko Oita Oasis Tower Deluxe Double ¥13,662
Deluxe Twin ¥15,444
Hotel Nikko Alivila / Yomitan Resprt Okinawa Corner Deluxe Twin from ¥45,360 to ¥66,960
(breakfast included)
Hotel Nikko Dalian Business CNY940
Junior Suite CNY1,325
Hotel Nikko Suzhou Luxury King CNY1,321
Premier Suite CNY3,066
Hotel Nikko Wuxi Executive CNY900
Studio Suite CNY1,000
Deluxe Suite CNY1,300
Hotel Nikko Taizhou Deluxe King CNY1,240
Deluxe Twin CNY1,240
Executive Suite CNY2,940
Hotel Nikko Xiamen Superior CNY800
Deluxe CNY850
Junior Suite CNY1,500
Executive Suite CNY2,400
Hotel Nikko Guangzhou Deluxe CNY1,495
Deluxe Suite CNY3,335
Hotel Royal-Nikko Taipei Deluxe NTD6,400
Deluxe Suite NTD11,500
Corner Suite NTD15,000
Hotel Nikko Bali Benoa Beach Deluxe IDR1,197,521
(includes service charge and taxes)
Deluxe Garden IDR1,242,521
(includes service charge and taxes)
Oceanfront Suite IDR2,592,521
(includes service charge and taxes)
Oceanfront Rooftop Suite IDR3,492,521
(includes service charge and taxes)
Hotel Nikko Saigon Deluxe USD150
Nikko Club Deluxe USD175
Junior Suite USD275
Executive Suite USD310
Hotel Nikko Bangkok Suprior THB7,500
Premier THB9,000
Nikko Club THB12,500
Executive Suite THB20,000
Hotel Nikko Guam Ocean Front Premier USD225
Ocean Front Suite USD275
Palau Royal Resort Superior Garden USD225
Superior Premium USD234
Deluxe Harbor USD243
Deluxe Ocean USD261
Corner Suite USD567
Premier Suite USD567
Hotel Nikko San Francisco Deluxe King USD 249.50
Deluxe Double USD 249.50
Junior Suite USD 424.50
Hotel Nikko Düsseldorf Deluxe EUR450
Sky Business EUR460

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Hotel JAL City

Applicable Room Type Discounted Rate
Hotel JAL City Sapporo Nakajima Park Superior Twin ¥17,500
Hotel JAL City Aomori Deluxe Twin ¥12,000
Deluxe Comfort Twin ¥14,000
Hotel JAL City Sendai Junior Suite ¥23,760
Hotel JAL CIty Tokyo Toyosu
※from December 9, 2019
Superior ¥26,000
Deluxe ¥27,000
Superior Plus ¥28,000
Deluxe Plus ¥29,000
Hotel JAL City Haneda Tokyo Deluxe Twin ¥14,580
Hotel JAL City Haneda Tokyo West Wing Deluxe Twin ¥19,000
Hotel JAL City Kannai Yokohama Deluxe Double ¥13,400
Deluxe Twin ¥14,400
Hotel JAL City Nagano Twin ¥10,500
Hotel JAL City Nagoya Nishiki Superior Queen ¥14,500
Premier Queen ¥17,000
Superior Twin ¥21,000
Premier Twin ¥23,500
Hotel JAL City Nagasaki Deluxe Floor Moderate Twin ¥13,750
Deluxe Floor Superior Twin ¥15,400
Hotel JAL City Miyazaki Deluxe Twin ¥14,500
Junior Suite ¥25,000
Hotel JAL City Naha J Premium Twin ¥23,000

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*As of October 2019

  • Benefits may not be offered at some hotels.
  • Guest rooms available for Birthday Benefits differ depending on the hotel.
  • At domestic hotels, room rate is exclude breakfast, icludes service charge and taxes except some hotels .
  • At overseas hotels, room rate is exclude breakfast, service charge and taxes except some hotels.
  • Room rate is per night for two person exclude breakfast, service and tax except some hotels.
  • JAL coupons can be used for the payment. Please access the following URL address about details.
  • Hotel Nikko Guam is not available for the payment only for this benefit.
  • There are blackout dates for use of benefit, including the yearend and New Year Holidays. The applicable period varies, depending on the hotel.
  • Use of benefit is subject to availability.
  • To inquire of vacancies or make reservations, please call hotels directly or Okura Nikko Hotels Reservation Center.

Reservations & Inquiries
img:Okura Nikko Hotels Reservation Center Okura Nikko Hotels Reservation Center
+ 81-3-6402-3377
Operating hours: 9:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. JST
(Except year end and New Year holidays)

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